OYO is an LED luminaire system consisting of floor and ceiling luminaires. Typical for OYO is the all-sided movable linkage with its ingenious technology of power supply as well as the circular lamp heads. Ball joints and magnets allow versatile rotary movements. During operation, a fine glow of light manifests itself on the edge of the luminaire head. The highly efficient light of the power LEDs makes OYO the ideal luminaire for home and commercial use.

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    The new luminaire head from OyO, PINA LED and PIO (introduced January 2018) enables the use of additional optics. The wide beam light of the luminaire head without optics (120°) can be focused to 100°, 60° or 20° with the various magnetically adhesive optics. The push button for switching and dimming is located on the underside of the lamp head. The temperature control prevents overheating and guarantees a long lifespan of the LED. The luminaire head can be replaced without tools.

    The movable and extendable floor luminaire, with adjustable luminaire heads, is suitable for reading or indirect lighting in the living area. The versatile adjustability of the luminaire heads as well as the separate dimming and switching at the heads enable the most varied lighting moods in the room. The solid base with built-in cable depot keeps the luminaire securely on the floor even when the telescope is fully extended.

  • Alu


  • Bronze


  • Black


  • General information

    Telescope chromed
    Base black, control integrated
    Cable black
    Control system dimmable in 5 steps
    incl. 1x optic 100°
  • Technical data

    • Light source 2 x 1 Power-LED
    • Light color 2700 K
    • CRI / RA 80
    • Luminous flux 1340 lm
    • Rated power 18 W
    • Input voltage 220-240 V~
    • Clock frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Models

    OyO S Material 2700 K
    Alu Luminaire head
    anodised alu
    anodised alu
    4710 A 1 P
    Bronze Luminaire head
    anodised bronze
    anodised bronze
    4710 B 1 P
    Black Luminaire head
    anodised black
    anodised black
    4710 S 1 P


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