2014 - Baltensweiler

TOPOLED D is a filigree flexible pendant lighting system for long tables and counters. It replaces the pendant lighting system PENDOLED. The individual light elements are variously adjustable and give a warm and brilliant light with highest
highest efficiency.
The light rail can be ordered in different lengths and can be equipped with different pendants or spotlights.
The pendants can be positioned both in height and along the rail without the need for tools and can be retracted and extended on both sides. Axial rotation of the individual pendants allows the light to be switched on and off or regulated to two brightness levels (100 % or 15 %). Individual lighting situations can be achieved very intuitively and easily.

For ideal table illumination, a pendant height of approx. 50 - 60 cm above the table surface is recommended. The compact primary reflector in combination with the anti-glare cone also allows the pendant to be positioned at a higher level without causing glare.

For horizontal illumination can be targeted with the spot. The spot is rotatable and tiltable and can be freely positioned along the rail.

Optimal adaptation to room height with direct mounting or various suspensions (suspensions 5 cm / 10 cm / 15 cm / 35 cm or 55 cm available).

Five different track lengths with integrated control gear are offered:
- 60 cm (max. 40 W, for 1-6 pendants / spots)
- 90 cm (max. 40 W, for 1-6 pendants / spots
- 140 cm (max. 60 W, for 1-10 pendants / spots)
- 190 cm (max. 60 W, for 1-10 pendants / spots)
- 240 cm (max. 60 W. for 1-10 pendants / spots)

Depending on the room and table height, you can choose between three pendant lengths and the spot:

- Pendant S 82-100 cm

- Pendant L 107-125 cm

- Pendant XL 132-150 cm

- Spots

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