COMBILUX is an innovative, modular luminaire family reduced to a few components. The luminaires have a lampholder tube as the basic formal and technical element, a development from the TYPE 60 luminaire model. The reflectors are changeable. A conical reflector, a glare ring or a tube reflector can be installed with no need for tools. The rod is reduced to a double-bent tube with two invisible joints. A two-part steel bar serves as the base, stabilised by the rods.

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    Material / Colours / Dimensions
    Tube reflector: aluminium or black anodised, ø 45 mm
    Anti-glare ring: anodised aluminium, ø 120 mm
    Reflector: black painted aluminium, ø 230 mm;
    Base: black painted round steel, ø 42 × 200 mm
    Frame: chrome-plated steel

    Produced: 1958-1970

    Number sold: 758 pieces

    Best years: 1961-1966
    First selling price: CHF 84.-

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  • Technical data

    • Light source Glühlampe
    • Rated power 60W
    • Input voltage 220-240 V~
    • Clock frequency 50-60 Hz

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