2010 - Baltensweiler

PIO is an LED reading luminaire with a large action radius. The fine linkage with the four joints carries the circular luminaire head. The highly efficient light of the power LEDs and the large action radius of the rod make PIO the ideal reading light for both living and commercial areas. During use, a fine glow of light manifests itself on the edge of the luminaire head.

The new luminaire head from OyO, PINA LED and PIO (introduced January 2018) enables the use of additional optics. The wide beam light of the luminaire head without optics (120°) can be focused to 100°, 60° or 20° with the various magnetically adhesive optics. The push button for switching and dimming is located on the underside of the lamp head. The temperature control prevents overheating and guarantees a long lifespan of the LED. The luminaire head can be replaced without tools.


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