LYS D 140  LED

2016 - Baltensweiler

LYS ist the french word for lily. The circular ligth heads with the ornamental holes form the floral appearance of LYS. The light heads are rotatable and pivotable. In combination with the various modular optics in Plexiglas LYS becomes a flexible luminaire system.

LYS D is a bright pendant luminaire for lighting long tables and counters. The fine aluminium profiles, which are plugged together, appear as an harmonious system in the form of a branch on which the circular luminaire heads look like leaves. The luminaire can be adjusted to the room height without tools using a new type of cable pull. The luminaire heads are divided into two switching groups which can be separately dimmed and switched with the DI-ON remote control by placing the optics on or leaving them out.


Gestänge und Köpfe schwarz

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