2017 - Baltensweiler

FEZ is the name of a city in Morocco, where once a headgear in form of a truncated cone was created. FEZ is also the name of a BALTENSWEILER floor and pendant luminaire.
The simplicity of form and the high demands on function are the most important aspects of the FEZ and with its high light efficiency, it is suitable for home, office and commercial space. The luminaire head made out of aluminium is characteristic for FEZ, which simultaneously serves as a heat sink and glare shield. Two powerful LEDs ensure high light efficiency; one of them is installed in the luminaire head. The light beam of this LED is directed by a lens from the conical luminaire head. The second LED, placed on the luminaire head, disperses the light into the room and can be switched on as required.

The moveable and extendable floor luminaire, with the adjustable luminaire head, allows a versatile use. The powerful luminaire provides enough light to illuminate a room. The adjustable luminaire head and the integrated dimming of the light allow a wide variety of lighting moods in the room.

Over the years the development of the LED technology focussed on high efficiency. Today the focus of the development lays in the light quality and colour reproduction. The LED living space luminaires are available in 3000 and in 2700 Kelvin and in 2010 BALTENSWEILER developed an innovative LED colour mixing technology, which adds a considerable amount of red light and consequently changes the light colour. The FEZ luminaire is newly available with the modifiable light colour and is made possible because of a ‘dim to warm’ LED. This LED has the property of mixing the light colour while dimming with simple electronics. Warm light with low brightness, cold light with high brightness or in other words, warm mood lighting and white work light.


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