Our Team

We are proud of our 60 year history as a family-owned business. The knowledge and dedication of our employees is our most valuable asset. We encourage the personal development of staff because every employee should identify with our company. Our team consists of 40 people from around ten different nations.


All employees

Karin Baltensweiler

Management / Administration / Graphic design

Ria Baltensweiler

Management / Administration

Ilario Meier

Management / Production

Gabriel Baltensweiler

Design / Technicians / Management consultant

Fabian Meier

CNC workshop

Colin Baltensweiler


Rosmarie Baltensweiler

The founder / Management consultant

Rico Baltensweiler

The founder, died 1987

Lukas Niederberger


René Horath

Design / Technicians

Michael Bucher


Lukas Kramer


Sabine Waser

Disposition / Documentation

David Schäublin


Sandro Kälin

Accounts receivable

Igor Martins da Rocha

Assembly employee

Christof Fries

Workshop employee

Stephanie Kessler

Order processing

Nikolce Josifoski

CNC workshop

Teuta Jusufi-Abazi

Assembly employee

Rodrigo Silva

Assembly employee

Nirushan Baskaran

Workshop employee

Lino Barletta


Jose Joao Salgado

Assembly employee

Deniz Dalaslan

Assembly employee

Alba Arias

Assembly employee

Risto Nikoloski

Team leader workshop

Dulce Portugal

Assembly employee

Vinko Janjic

Workshop employee

Martin Runkel


Judith Giger

Accounting / Staff

Margarida De Araujo Gomes

Assembly employee

Sara Silva

Assembly employee

Alisch Altintas

Transport / Workshop employee

Roland Rajic

Workshop employee

Alice Viana e Sà

Assembly employee

Antonio Cerfeda

Workshop employee

Ana Sancho

Assembly employee

Naim Bajrami

Assembly employee

Anabela De Pinho

Team leader Assembly